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Hello! My name is Nailah Kennedy I am a dedicated and hardworking emerging professional. I recently obtained my Bachelor's of Interior Design from Louisiana State University, which is accredited by CIDA. With a strong drive and a genuine love for design, I am highly motivated to pursue a career as an Interior Designer and have made plans to pursue NCIDQ licensure. I aspire to leverage my skills and creativity to craft spaces that positively influence communities and enhance lives.

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August 2022-May 2023

Interior Design Intern


  • Responsible for managing the studio's material library and providing support in the selection of furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FFE).
  • Facilitating meetings with industry representatives to foster partnerships and stay informed about the latest trends and products.
  • Conducting on-site measurements to ensure accurate project specifications for creating CET drawings.
  • Assisting in capturing project completion photographs for utilization on social media platforms and the company website.

June 2022-August 2022

Interior Design Summer Intern

Design To Market

  • Providing staging services for a diverse range of clients, including individual homeowners, new construction projects, investors, and rental property owners.
  • Conducting thorough consultations and actively assisting clients in the selection process, while also offering onsite staging expertise.
  • Optimizing the overall presentation of a space, imbuing it with identity and personality. Effectively showcasing it's potential to prospective buyers guiding them in envisioning their ideal lifestyle within the property.
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Education & Involvement


Student Member

Louisiana State university naacp

Student Member

National society of leadership and success

Student Member

Louisiana State University

Bachelor's of Interior Design

Fall 2020 I began my tenure at Louisiana State University, where I pursued a major in Interior Design. I obtained my Bachelor's of Interior Design May 2023

Howard University

Master's of Architecture

After graduating from high school, my college journey began in the fall of 2019 at Howard University, where I enrolled in the Master's of Architecture program. I successfully completed a full academic year before deciding to transfer to Louisiana State University in the fall of 2020 to pursue a degree in Interior Design

Skills & Proficiencies

Technical Skills




Microsoft Office



Soft Skills

  • Demonstrates exceptional organizational skills and acute attention to detail.
  • Exhibits excellent time management abilities and a strong sense of urgency.
  • Communicates and listens effectively and attentively.
  • Demonstrates proficiency in intrapersonal communication.
  • Strong grasp of design software tools.

  • Demonstrates exceptional skills in conceptual and schematic design.
  • Effective verbal and graphic communication abilities.
  • Experienced in conducting research and selecting materials and finishes.
  • Proficient in furniture selection and specification processes.
  • Proactive approach to learning and growth



Spring Semester 2023

My Senior Year Capstone, tackled the pressing problem of the affordable housing crisis in American cities. I aimed to bridge societal and economic gaps, creating a housing project that combines affordability and quality design. By repurposing a vacant office building due to COVID-19 and remote work, I established "The District," an integrated affordable housing community. The goal is to provide residents with a space they can be proud of, making a positive impact on their lives and the community.

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MoMA lighting design

Spring Semester 2022

Color and illumination class partnered with lighting designer Suzan Tillotson to redesign and study the lighting in MoMA, the Museum of modern art in New York city.

For my redesign I decided to embrace the modern look and feel of the building as well as the art that it inhabits. I chose bold geometric lighting fixtures and black fixtures to create a bold look that would create contrast with the stark white walls. I added an interactive led wall just behind the ticketing book that will attract visitors from the outside in.

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reimagine lsu college of art & design stairwell

Spring Semester 2022

The stairs located on the northwestern side of the College of Art & Design building have great potential, but lack good design elements to being it to life. For this project we were tasked with re-imagining the stairwell. Thinking about the atmosphere, mood, and lighting. For my proposal I created a stairwell that people will want to be in. As a student I know that we are all stressed and overstimulated. This stairwell will be a place for students to come and study, socialize, unwind, and of course get from point A to B. Allowing students to ease up to class.

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bloom boutique hotel

Fall Semester 2021

Tasked with the creation and design of a boutique hotel, my inspiration for this endeavor was sparked by a captivatingly dark and moody boutique hotel situated in New York City. To bring my vision to life, I embarked on crafting unique millwork featuring integrated lighting for both the reception desk and the bar area. Using bold wallcovering as well as furnishing and materials.

iman art gallery

Spring Semester 2021

Challenged with creating a Gallery inspired by an artist and their work. I decided to design this Gallery based on Lynn Chadwick's famous sculpture " The Crouching beast". The sculpture is made of stainless steel and has a distinct geometric shape. I used the elements of this sculpture to come up with a concept for the materiality, overall shape of the building, as well as the atmosphere of the gallery.

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windward visitor center construction documents

Fall Semester 2021

Construction documents for the windward visitor center. The center is located in Provincetown, Massachusetts. the visitors center has a central food court, coffee shop and restaurant with customer seating. Food prep area with drive thru, retail space, and information center. There is also living quarters for the employee overseeing the visitor center.

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Health and wellbeing research project

Fall Semester 2021

Group project centered on exploring global accessibility in design. We aim to examine how accessibility can be incorporated in various designs across the world.

Group Members: Nailah Kennedy, Kayla Weidel, Peyton Ruelet, Jenny Stauss, Klair Morgan

design through movement

Fall Semester 2020

Design Through Movement

These two models are inspired by ballet; Our Challenge was to create a threshold to a dance studio. Both of the models examine the movements of the dance in different ways to create the space.

Building & construction systems

Fall Semester 2020

This model represents the construction components of a laundry room. That includes heated flooring, insulation, as well as heating, cooling, and water for the room.

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